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It Could Be Worse


"It Could Be Worse" is a powerful drama that follows the lives of four families as they struggle to navigate their challenging realities. Jeff and Monique are grappling with the devastating loss of their beloved son, while Jessica's mom is struggling to come to terms with the shocking news of her daughter's teenage pregnancy. Jason's mother is confronted with the difficult task of accepting her son's sexual orientation, challenging her deeply held beliefs. Meanwhile, Tommy, Sheena, and Didi are faced with the daunting challenge of maintaining their family unity amidst a pervasive atmosphere of mistrust.

This compelling play serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, depicting how individuals can discover hope even in the midst of the darkest times. It explores the depths of the characters' emotions and their ability to find strength and meaning in their struggles. By the end of the performance, the audience is left pondering a fundamental question: Could things actually be worse?

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$39 - General Admissions

(plus fees)

Jasai Theater Festival - It Could Be Worse

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