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Jasai Enterprise
Theater Festival

This is an annual event that brings together artists and theater professionals from around the city of Philadelphia. We believe in dreaming big collectively and creating a space where big dreams become reality.

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The event features a variety of stage productions, ranging from short plays to full length innovative works from the best Philadelphia has to offer. 


Jasai Enterprise believes that when we dream big collectively, everything is possible. Our festival is dedicated to cultivating a collective spirit of creativity and inspiration to take bold risks, think outside the box, and make big dreams come true. We strive to create meaningful experiences for our audiences and bring the performing arts to life. Dream big with us as we explore the world of theater.

Become A Sponsor

Become A Sponsor

The Jasai Enterprise Theater Festival is offering exciting sponsorship opportunities to businesses or individuals looking to get involved in supporting the arts. Our festival sponsors will have their name and logo prominently displayed on promotional materials and featured on our website. Click the sponsorship packages button below to see the tailored packages that meet the specific needs of our sponsors.


The Productions

The Theatre Festival is proud to present a diverse selection of well-written theater productions. The theater productions feature talented actors and directors, providing an entertaining and engaging experience. With a variety of genres, there is sure to be something that will capture the audience's attention and leave them wanting more. Whether you're looking for a romantic comedy or a gripping drama, the Theatre Festival has the perfect production for you.

An Evening of Shorts

August 17th

Written & Directed by:

Jody Austin & Tiffani Dean

Black Love

August 19th & 20th

Written & Directed by:

Jaret R. Barron



August 26th & 27th

The Couch

August 18th

Written by: Jerome Scott

Directed by: Lynn Shirley

It Could Be Worse

August 24th & 25th

Written by: Jaret R. Barron

Directed by: Jaret R. Barron & Courtney Lynee'


Written by: Jaret R. Barron

Directed by: Courtney Lynee'


Our Team

Our Team

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